Lace patter in garter stitch

I am going to start a Faroese shawl and wonder if anyone knows of a site that has simple lace patterns in garter stitch.  Or do you have a pattern you could share with me.   Thanks

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Knitting fool has a lot of lace patterns - virtually any pattern that has all alternate rows purled can be knit as a garter ground (all alternate rows knit) - if you like it that way. Swatch!

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 If you can wait 24 hours, I will send you several really easy lace patterns that are not only in garter, but are also reversable.   I'm getting ready to hit the hay so that I can get up at 3:30 tomorrow morning to hit the road for Houston.  I won't get in until around 9 pm so it will be Saturday before I can post a list of recipes to you.

I teach lace here in the Tampa Bay area so I think I can be of help.  Just chill a bit and I'll get back to you, Ok?

Another new Lace knitter . . . . Woo Hoo !!!

~Mike in Tampa

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Thanks a lot for the site Mario.  I look forward to hearing from you MIke.