Need a shawl pattern for bereaved aunt

My last uncle died this week. I'd like to make my aunt something as a gift. I think a simple shawl would be in order.

Here is what I'm looking for:
Has an easy pattern
Not too big as to be able to finish it in a month.
Appropriate for a larger women

Any suggestions?


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I'm sorry to hear about your uncle - what a wonderful thing you're doing giving your time to your aunt; I'm sure it will mean a lot to her to get a hand knit shawl from you!

I'd do a search on Ravelry in their pattern tab... the one I found that doesn't look really hard is this one:

the patter is free, looks pretty simple, and if you change up the gauge (needle size and/or yarn weight) you should be able to ramp up the size of the piece.

Check out the tabs that are on the prayershawlministries website - there are a lot of options here for shawls...

Let us know what you decide to do -



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There is a pattern on Lion brand Yarn website for an Easy Triangle Shawl. ( I have made several of these and it only takes 3-5 days at most. You don't have to use the Homespun yarn (unless you want to). You could find another chunky/bulky/#5 yarn to use. They work up quickly and the pattern is easily memorized. Hope this helps. Sorry to hear about your uncle's death.