CURE hat released - second design (benefitting HIV/AIDS research)

hey guys!

OK - so here's the second hat I designed... this one benefits HIV/AIDS research and features the "virus" I did for the sweater made in collaboration with Lisa Anne Auerbach!

Ravelry link:

kylewilliam shop link:

$4.00 gets you this pattern and it's a great way to start colorwork. The patterns I am releasing also include valuable information regarding the cause -- this one has HIV facts as well as information on testing. Lastly, it includes internet resources for more information.

Thank you to everyone who purchased the first pattern or shared it - it means a lot to know my boys support the effort! Feel free to share/post these links on your social media network of choice :)

Happy Friday!


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Kyle,is the hat a different pattern or is just the design chart different?

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the chart is different, and the charity is different (the first pattern with all the ribbons benefits breast cancer research, and the second pattern offering benefits HIV/AIDS research).

The virus chart is pretty cool and from what I am hearing people are excited to have it to incorporate into their knitting :)




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So Kyle...have your patterns gone viral? I figured a viral explosion of your pattern sales would help stem a viral explosion in the HIV/AIDS community.