Round and Round

Hi everybody. A couple of days ago, it was 14 below zero here in Minnesota. One definitely needs a good warm hat to get through the winter....I just completed a basic stockinette stitch hat knit on a circular needle. And the great thing about the hat was I had NO seams to complete when I was finished. The pattern came from Lion Brand's "Just Hats" book. I used the duplicate stitch to make two lines of red. It needed a little decorative interest. Anyway...with each project I learn something new. Happy knitting to all...Cullen

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Congratulations. The hat is beautiful - hope you make many more without seaming.

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The hat looks wonderful! The 2 red rounds definitely do add an excellent element to it.
Rumor has it that we're to have a heat wave this week...temperatures reaching into the 20'sF above zero.

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Thanks for the compliments. Knitting without seaming is a whole new world for me. Happy knitting to all.