Multicolored scarf progression

I about half way through. It is turning out better than expected. I feel as though I had this project planned for months. I want to keep it but alas I have so many scarves. The old lady keeps commenting on how nice it is coming out and looks. She likes the many colores with the gray in between. Makes me want to try and make her the long sweater with that same cable pattern that I took for the scarf. I tried to make a button front sweater vest for her but that is sitting next to the couch waiting for me to get the courage to pick it up again. I have the bottom part done. And started up the left front panel but I seem to be off by two stitches. I'll have to take apart the front panel down to the bottom part and figure out what went wrong. Good project to learn from I guess.


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I'm really liking that vest! Nice color and pattern.

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That Scarf is a work of art. I'm loving that idea.

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That is an AMAZING looking scarf! I love the bright color stripes amongst the regularity of the cable and stripe width. Well done!

I admit, I cracked up after reading your profile. "...I said, Screw it..."! :-) I liked that. And, look at you now. You are doing beautiful work. Your scarf idea is amazing. I never thought of breaking up a section of cable as you have. Keep up the good work.