Beanie woes

Disaster has struck!

As I mentioned before I decided to live with any mistakes on my first Beanie but I have got to the stage where I may need to do over!

I have started reducing and realised that I have not been pulling tight enough and I have a few nasty gaps. Can this be fixed or should I start again?

I have attached two pictures. The first shows where I think I have knitted into the row below in error causing a gap and the second shows the problem I am having when reducing. Sorry I am not very technical and really do not know the lingo yet!

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Hey, I do magic loop for socks, hats, mitts, and anything in the round. I learned that when you are starting the side (half, whatever you want to call it) knit the first stitch, put the needle in the next stitch and pull the working yarn until the last stitch from the back side (back half) is tight on the cable. Then continue knitting. This should help close any gaps. If you need more help PM me. I have been using magic loop for a while and enjoy it for all my in the round projects.

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Thanks for the tips.

I think I chose the Magic Loop method after reading one of your posts in the forum!

I may pull out the offending rows and try again paying more attention to the first stitch. I shall let you know how I get on :-)

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Hi. Whenever I have a knitting problem that I can't seem to figure out, I take my knitting to the local yarn shop and the women there are very happy to help me out. If worst comes to worst, the local yarn shop might be able to give you some tips or suggestions. Good luck solving the problem.....Cullen

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Thanks Cullen :-)

In the end I lost my temper! I tried pulling out the offending rows but mad a total mess of trying to pick it up again. I now have a messy pile of yarn at my feet ready for it's third outing on my needles. LOL.

What I wouldn't give to have a local yarn shop. I'm afraid the big craft superstores have about closed down all the local craft and kniting stores in the UK.

Anyway, I need to get cracking again.

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Matthew...a good trick for picking up the loops when you've to use a MUCH smaller doesn't matter what size the needle is in your left hand, it's the right hand needle that determines the gauge. So pick up the stitches with a smaller needle, it's easier...and knit from that, or transfer back to the original needle.

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Good tip. One thing I cannot work out is the correct way round the loops should sit. On this occasion they ended up back to front which made the knit too tight to knit back into I also found I kept splitting the yarn.

If anything I think I need to learn patience :-)

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The left leg of the loop goes in back, the right leg of the loop is in front. ( usually)
...some people knit differently, and anything goes as long as you are consistent.

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When you are picking up the stitches, it doens't matter which way they sit. The important thing is to get them on the needle. When you come to knit them, then you can turn them around to face the right way. Often, if they are sitting the wrong way, you might have to knit into the back. Or just turn them around, and put them back on the right way. That first row is going to be slow, to make sure they are all there, and in the right direction. After that... easy sailing!! One tip: lifelines!

The nice ladies in the knitting department in John Lewis are usually only too happy to help you and if you google 'yarn shops in Nottingham' it will give you a list of shops within striking distance of the centre of Nottingham. This kind of thing has happened to all of us and you just have to put it down to a learning experience, but believe me, it does get easier.

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lol. Do you know that's who I thought of after replying to Cullen's post. I may pay a visit to John Lewis tomorrow. I'm afraid it is a little late to rescue my Beanie as I have started over. This time things look more promising after taking on board all the tips from the great guys on here!

I have just joined Ravelry and have now found a few shops in Nottingham. I shall have to make my presence known :-)

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