Arden Hat

I'm so much happier with this hat than the previous one. It's also 80%Baby Alpaca and 20%Bamboo.

Arden Hat


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very nice!

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I grew up in Canada and we called any hat that was knit a tuque - even the ones people bought in stores. My mother made ribbed ones that were quite long and could be turned up for extra protection over the ears. I would call your hat a tuque as well. It is beautiful and the colour is so rich. Very impressive cable.

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I call it a tuque too (or is it a toque?). But I too think ours all had turned up brims. I guess these tight-fitting ones without the rolled up brim could be called beanies. Oh semantics!! You can call it a hat, if you want... it's still a toque to me!

Nicely done, btw.

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Great hat Bob! I love the open cable and the color! Due to my being follicular-ly challenged, I wear these hats nearly daily around this time of year.

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great color and detail. Well done, you!