Inspiration Month

This January the company asked us to incorporate the company icon into a project that reflects something that inspires us. It should come as no surprise that I decided on a design that would incorporate a knitted piece.

Our logo, which can be seen at, is a pair of circular portals that open to various art pieces and so I chose to use both a knitted piece and the ball of yarn itself to represent the portal.

I found this wonderful wool that is a close match to the orange used frequently in our display work for $7 at the local yarn shop.

I have to give some credit to the ladies at the Kenton County Library knitting circle for some help in coming up with the circular design. Were it not for their input, the hole at the center of my knit piece would have been much larger.

I spent about an hour working up the circle and then laying it out with some other pieces to be photographed. Initially I had planned on using just the wool and a finished circle, but thought it would be more inspiring to show the work in progress.

I'm passionate about bamboo as a sustainable material for all sorts of things, so even though the bulk of the work shown was done on aluminum needles (sometimes you gotta work with what ya got), I switched things out onto bamboo or other wood needles for the photo. I then cropped things down and adjusted to place the items one atop the other. This gave me the final image that I then submitted as my Inspiration Month Project.

The story could have ended there, but now I was left with a skein of orange yarn and nothing in mind to use it on. So I found a wonderful pattern for a knit cap and with my good friend Erin in mind (her fav color is orange), threw together this wonderful hat that I will be giving to her later today.

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Image icon The Final Piece466.65 KB
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smalltownknitguy's picture

Where did you get the hat pattern? Orange is my favorite color and I would love to knit one of those up! Your piece looks great!

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Yeep! I knew I forgot to include something. The pattern is linked here.