Finished SW sweater

So here it is guys. My first sweater using circular needles.

I'm realy happy with the results. I used a chunky wool using 4mm needles for the ribbing and 5 mm for the body and sleeves. I used the fitted sleeves and the raglan seamline A.

If there is anyone out there who hasn't yet got the Jaquelin Fee book "Sweater Workshop" its a must for everyones collection. I found the instructions very user friendly and easy to understand, even the maths!

The best thing about it is actually fits. None of this reading pages and  pages of difficult to decipher pattern, then to discover the neck is the wrong shape, or the sleeves feel to tight. Just a few simple sums and hey presto.

A huge thanks to all you guys who offered very kind words of support and encouragement and a special thanks to you Jesse, couldn't have done it without you. Laughing

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Wonderful!  Nicely done - I"m struck by how even  and neat your raglan seam is.  I think it's time for me to pull out my old dusty Sweater Workshop that I've had for years and take a fresh look!

Jonathan in rainy Washington DC 

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I looks great. Now I'm antsy to try one myself as I hate seaming. I also have the book. But I have 4 projects on needles now


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Congratulations.  It is a beautiful sweater. 

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beautiful work....... . .

I just ordered the book.
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Fantastic!  The colour you selected is beautiful; I'd like to find a similar shade of green.  Your stitches are perfect and I second Potterdc's comments about the perfect raglan seamline.  I've never done a collar like that so I'm interested to know more about it.

Yes! - isn't it great to knit something that actually fits?  There is much to be praised about the seamless circular method but the best part so far has been the fit-for-me results.

Thanks for sharing your work, both in-progress and finished!

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Yowza, fantastic work on the sweater.  I have been meaning to try a J. Fee sweater for some time now, but haven't gotten around to it just yet.  Seeing your finished project may just give me the push that I need to start.  Thanks for sharing and posting the pics.  Cheers!  Ken

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Oh! It's beautiful!

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Very well done, I like that curled neckline.

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Gorgeous!  I love the rolled neck-line as well.  You did a terrific job.

I will be starting my basic sweater in just a few weeks (I hope).  I MUST get some other projects done first!  (Including the now-late clogs that were meant for my husband's 40th birthday -- Ouch!)  I also will get the 17-year old WIP sweater done before I allow myself to start another.

I was in Gap today and saw a sweater that I thought could easily be made following Jackie's methods.  The collar was VERY interesting.  It looked like stitches were picked up and then 2 x 2 ribbing made a shawl-like collar.  The ribbing was perpindicular to the sweater and could be buttoned down.  Perhaps something like it will be in my future!

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Great job! That looks very comfortable.