What are you making for holiday gifts?

I've started a third scarf as a gift; one of the many I hope to churn out by December. It's Sept now, so I hope it's okay to bring up the holidays amongst the guys here. Laughing See my blog for a pix.


You are so funny & so right! The Holidays are right around the corner. Thanks for the reminder. I wonder if we are all too ambicious thinking of the projects that we'd like to make but time is against us. I mean you can only knit so much!


Knit away, knit away

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I'm going to knit some scarves... my local yarn store gave me a pattern for spiral scarf... knit the long way on large needles...and done with about six rows of decreases... easy, fun... I have three trendy young ladies to knit for...LOL

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I'm going to do the Fiber Trends AC-56 "Winter In The City" hat for my best friend, a hooded scarf and matching mittens for my neighbor, and wine socks to bring to parties (with wine in them, or course). 

The hubby may actually get his sweater in time for Christmas.  I've just got one sleeve to finish before I put it together.  I'm going to do a pair of gloves for him too.  I will pick the yarn out for that project at the NYS Sheep and Wool fest in Rhinebeck.

I am working on 2 afghans as gifts this year. I hope to get them done. One has to be done by Dec. as it has to be sent to CA. I should be able to them both done.

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My father really liked the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs that I made for myself.  So I think I will be making a pair for him, which is good because he is the most difficult to buy for.  I will probably make a pair for my mother too.  My 2 brothers will each be getting a London Beanie, which has pretty much become my favorite hat pattern for men.

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I guess I'm already in trouble if I haven't even picked out the projects!  For sure, the mohair orangutan for my nephew (was supposed to be for his birthday coming up in just a few days).  Also, an Oat Couture (BB216) cuddle toy for my baby niece.  Beyond that, not much thought -- perhaps socks or clogs -- items that knit up quickly since I seem to be slow as molasses in finishing up projects for the rest of my family.

Just when is Christmas this year? :)

Well judging by the shops here in London it must be soon.  They're already stocking decorations! In fact there's a move to stop shops doing this as it is sooooooo irritating and not a little confusing when it's 27C outside!  Incidently, Christmas Season lasts a fair bit longer in the UK than it does in the USA.  Decorations don't traditionally come down until 6th January and partying can last even longer so why they start this early heaven knows! Nothing to do with knitting...just griping...sorry!

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I'm still working on LAST year's presents!!!!

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Most of my knitting so far has been for Christmas gifts since I haven't found anything I really want to make for myself.

In the Christmas stash so far:

4 scarves, 2 beanies, 20 or so squares for an afghan and 2 Christmas stockings

Left to go:

12(ish) more stockings, a bunch more squares for the afghan, maybe another scarf and probably another couple pair of clogs. Oh... and if I can learn to do socks, then maybe a couple pair of those.

At least that's the plan if I can get off my ass and get busy. :) 

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Funny this topic should come up because I just started the second of many scarves that will be given away this year.  This one is a tube scarf, but I have plans for some lovely patterned scarves as well as a ribbed one.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.