Scarf project

I knit this scarf using 100% bamboo yarn on a US #6 needle. It is a broken rib stitch pattern - then hearts knitted onto one end.

Lucille's (Kaye's Mom's) scarf

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Was it fun to knit with bamboo? I've held the yarn and it feels nice.

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Yeah - the bamboo is nice. Slick...this particular one is a heavier weight than what I usually knit things with so it went quickly. I have knit with it before and it tends to drape really also tends to sag under its own weight. (Kinda' like I'm doing at this age too *S*)


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Very nice. I like that.

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you keep cranking out the projects! Beautiful work and a nice design.

I hope your scarf tree is well and just taking a break from modeling! *grin*

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Yeah - all the snow has protected it...I don't have my thigh high waders on to go out and scarf it!