Is anyone still Clogging?

Hey, is anyone still working on their clogs?  I think I'm actually going to finish my first pair tomorrow!!!  I'm pretty excited, but a bit nervous and I've got two questions:

1. For those who did the bumper sole, did you do anything to the cast-off edge to tack it in place or does the felting take care of it?  Mine sort of rolls down and sits next to the sole.  It looks fine, but I'm wondering if the felting locks it into place?

2. The pattern says to tack the two layers of the sole together as the last step before felting and gives a warning about stitch length (if the stitch is too long is can distort the sole?)  Did anyone have any issues with that?  Any advice?


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Hi John,  I have done three pairs now. The first I did with the bumper edge which did tend to curl under but after felting it became just that, a bumper edge. With all three pairs I didn't bother to tack the two soles together and have had no problems with them apart from them being a bit slippery on our polished timber floors. Do post a pic when you are done. Victor

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The knit bumper does look odd, but once it felts it becomes that rounded bump shape that you see in the pictures.  So that all works out.

For the soles, I just tacked the two layers together in a couple of spots.  What I think they are cautioning against is weaving a length of yarn across the two layers, which could cause the soles to warp if the strand felted more than the knit soles. 

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Hey John, I'm still clogging!  Actually, I just finished the finishing on the 2nd clog this morning.  I'm waiting for David to get home before starting the felting process so I can ensure a great fit.  Unfortunately, I'm the type that follows instructions too closely.  I did my best to tack together the inner and outer soles down the entire center.  I'm hoping some of my stitches aren't too long, but I guess I'll find out shortly.  I figured the purpose of the tacking was to help the two soles felt together.

Once they are dry, I'm going to take them to a shoe repair shop and see whether leather soles could be attached to the bottom.  David really wants to occasionally wear them outside of the house and I'm afraid the optional suede soles one can purchase just won't hold up for long.  Either way, once I consider them truly "finished", I'll post before and after pics.  Good luck!


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I'm still working on them . . or clogging along.  I'm slow, but it has been a hectic summer here at the beach.  After today (Labor Day) things quiet down  a lot so I will have more time to get working on them.  I'll post more as I get more done.


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Thanks for all the great advice, guys (and the reassurance)!

I have two pairs of clogs sitting unfinished in a basket, wondering if I'm mad at them or will ever touch them again.  They were meant to be Christmas gifts, so there's still lots of time.  Right now I'm desperately trying to finish my mom's birthday gift which needs to be done by the 25th.  I also have a small stack of blue squares that haven't been receiving the attention they deserve.