Men's Fingerless Gloves

What a ditz! I was so excited about finishing these gloves that I made the post and didn't include the photos. I feel I've worn them out since then. Houston has had unseasonbly cold weather. Usually we have a few freeze days in Jan/Feb, but this year we've had temps in the low 20's for several days in a row. We don't know how to handle it. The city shuts down. Back to our COLD 50's and 60's.

Thanks for the Heads up on the SNAFU's.


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Nice gloves.

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They look great! I know it's in my head, but I'm a bit daunted by knitting all those fingers. So I stick to mitts...

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I'm a bit daunted by the fingers too. But I want to learn it. They look awesome, Tony. Great job!

Hey Willy, thanks so much. I saw your mittens. They're beautiful.

Once I stopped sweating it the gloves were not that bad. I've had to use Zen and the art of un-knitting so much that I accept it as part of my process. Working in the loose yarn for each finger was a little tedeous. I've been knitting for years but I'm still a beginner in many respects. I just love it.
Take care



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The gloves are lovely.

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Cool gloves, cute dog :-)