Any interest in an East Bay Men's knitting group?

I just started knitting last summer and have really enjoyed it. Are there any other knitters in the SF East Bay area? I live in El Cerrito and there is a great knit shop on Solano Avenue in Albany where we could probably meet. Evenings would be great - after work. we could try once a month and see how it progresses. They had a men's group for awhile, but it stopped as there were only 3 participants. This was before I could try it out.
I think it would be fun to meet and knit with other local men.
Drop me a note and let's see what we can figure out!!


I'm interested in a mens knitting group. I reside in pleasant hill. I've been knitting intermittently for about 40 years. El Cerrito is a bit far, but if the group meets in a central location I would be in.

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well... it's not a men's group, and it's not in the east bay, but you're more than welcome to join us on Monday nights at Bagdhad Cafe in the Castro - we have a wonderful knitting group there (around 10-15 people usually) and it's a great time! - from 6-9pm...