My Adidas Fair Isle scarf progress.

I'm a huge adidas fan. Thought i would try to knit a vintage style adidas scarf, here's how it looks so far.

Also been making my own fair isle patterns in photoshop, if anyone needs any help with a fair isle design idea, i'd be more than happy to help.

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Neat. Adidas will sue you.

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Fair Isle patterns are somthing that I would need to sit down with somone and watch. I tend to be a more "hands on" learner rather than a "read and do" person.

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Good luck with your Fair Isle, I knitted a jumper in it and it took forever.

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Fair Isle (or any stranded colourwork) scares the bejeezus out of me.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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I find it fun. I work with pattern and repetition in a lot of my art work, so i guess i was aesthetically drawn to it.

I find i knit more when doing a pattern, because i don't want to stop until i've finished a whole section to see what it looks like.

I get bored just working with one color or the same stitch :-)

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Thats cute :) are you going to make matching trackie bottoms :) I have an almost finished fairisle jumper in the cupboard, its been there since Winter 2008. Just need to do the sleeves and work out how to sew it up :) I will finish it this year, I will . The back however is a sight to behold, not to mention all the loose ends with the colour changes. Really need a lesson.

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yeah the backs aren't pretty, lol. I was thinking about starting it again using the double knit method.

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Perfect for double knitting. No floats, no loose ends... DK rocks that way. DK can come out thick though. It's double layered after all. So you might want to use a sock yarn or fingering weight yarn, unless you're OK with a thick scarf... Good luck!

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thanks for the advice! you are clearly the king of double knitting after seeing your work, lol.

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More like a DK peasant. I'm a total beginner. But DK flatwork isn't that hard *IF* you use PK (Portuguese knitting) to do it. Really: a child could do it. One of the reasons I'm so passionate about DK has nothing to do with the look of it but everything to do with the *FEEL* of it. It feels absolutely luxurious. No matter the fiber you're using. It's got serious cush. That rug in my bathroom feels so amazing on my feet when I step out of the shower. When I was working on that rug I took it to the San Francisco Public Library where there is a monthly knitting circle for all ages called "Get Your Knit Together". Upon copping a feel, some teenage girls squealed, "Oh, it's so squishy." And it is. I've not felt any other fabric that feels anything like it.

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yeah, i did a little test today, and your right it has an amazing feel, almost like there are tiny springs inside. I could imagine it would feel great on your feet :-)

the only problem i had, was it got really annoying constantly having to re-position for the next stitch, i couldn't get a good rhythm going. I will have to check out Portuguese knitting to see what its all about.

teenage girls scare me. :-)

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That's another great thing about PK: changing back and forth between the knit and purl position. It's effortless. A flick of the thumb. That's all it takes. Very handy for K1, P1 ribbing too.

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ive been looking for a fair isle pattern similar to this.
do you know where i can find one?

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