Fair Isle Pattern

Hey guys, been working on this pattern for a while. Drove me crazy! I based it on Islamic tiles and mosaics.

Feel free to use if you like. Just remember, once you've done the pattern once, you need to do the opposite for the next square for the colors to match up. I tried to get it to work... but to no avail.


where the colors join, by adding one stitch of your base color it will separate all the lines, therefore you could do the whole things in two colors. Hope you get what i mean!


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I can see why it drove you crazy.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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lol, yep. But looking forward to knitting it :-)

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I wouldn't go anywhere near that without a beer.

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Unfortunately i don't really drink... some coffee, rainy days and seinfeld DVD's should do the trick :-) lol.

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i'm confused. are they three-color stranded rows?

we won't just get a cat, nubby nu nu, will manifest a kitten from our love...and lint from our hemp socks

we put birds on things

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I'll try and do an example and post it. I have a few knitting projects on the go at the moment, i'll do my best to get it done soon.

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Gee, you will need more than a coffee!! Some of those rows have four colours. The designs are beautiful but I still don't see how they can be done with more than two colours per row. You'll have a terrible time catching the floats.

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Yes it will be tough. I have done 3 colors before which was tough. So i guess i just need to do a sample first to see if it will work logistically. fingers crossed :-)

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Hi Ryan, welcome to MWK from another Aussie.

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thanks mate :-)

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it's a very beautiful pattern you've put together.
Very tempting to try to have a crack at it... No doubt I'll e in touch to ask for guidance.

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Very fascinating...I look forward to photos of the sample. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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This looks very beautiful. But it sure looks challenging. I hope this works out for you! If not, I bet you could simplify the design a bit and it still would look great and be a little easier to knit. But maybe you enjoy the whole challenge...Take care...Cullen

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Just a word or warning...the designs are beautiful...but...they will not knit up to look this way. You are using square graphs to do your designing and knit stitches are not square, but rectangular stretched vertically as sts are wider than they are tall. That said, fair isle is a little more square than stockinette but still not square. I don't know what you used for your graphics program but there are a couple that are knitting specific and will give the correct proportions...Stitch and Motif Maker from the same company as Sweater Wizard comes to mind...but $90. The quick and easy way is to use Excel...who knew Microsoft could be so helpful. Set up your columns 35 pixels rows 25 pixels (5X7 ratio), set the cell borders to surround every cell and use the paint bucket to fill in each cell...voila instant knitting charts without too much work! Anyway, you will have to knit up a small sample and see how distorted it is...hopefully it wont be too bad. Please post pics of your samples and let us see how they turn out!

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Agree. I use Intwined Studio ($44.) because I'm a Mac person and don't have excel...

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Wow! thanks for the advice!

I just use good old photoshop. But i will definitely give excel a go.

I really appreciate that :-)