Filati "Tradition"

Dearest Brothers (and a few dear sisters out there....)

One of my other hobbies is home roasting coffee, and one of the coffee roasting lists I follow has a practice of offering "traditions" to the list. These "traditions" range from usde equipment to specialty items that are hard to come by. Essentially, it's a way to gift something extra or no-longer-used to someone on the list who may not otherwise have the opportunity to get it.

(Oh, and if you're wondering, I have no idea where the term comes from.)

Anyhow, I think it's a great practice; as a matter of fact, I believe I actually offered up a "tradition" here on MWK once upon a time, but it's been a while so I'm going to offer another.

To make a longer story a bit shorter, I ordered several brand new copies of Filati's Special Men's Edition (#7) from Germany. As far as I know, it isn't available in the US. WARNING: it's in GERMAN, not ENGLISH.

You can see it at:

Here's the offer: If you want it, send me AN EMAIL ( with the word TRADITION in the subject line BEFORE 5:00 pm EST on Monday, February 21st. I'll put all the names in my most recently completely BrooklynTweed Hat and pull out the winner sometime that MONDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 21st (the 14th anniversary of my engagement to JJ).

After getting the winner's address, I'll drop it in the mail.

It's that simple!

Grace and Peace,


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Thanks Tim, Very nice gesture!

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Very kind - you have an email from me... :)

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GREAT ! I'm in. This is fun stuff. I'm from Montreal - so if my name should come up - I'll pay postage!!

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Isn't he a swell guy?
(pick me! pick me!)

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Oh dear, I didn't find your post until today.

At least it's a snow day!



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Congratulations go to.....

William Gillespie!

There was great turn out - 14 of you were in the drawing. I didn't finish the hat I was working on so a golden Koolhaas ended up being my most recently finished instead of the anticipated Porum.

Thanks for playing... until next time!

Grace and Peace,

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Congratulations to WillyG.

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Woot, woot! I'm so excited! Until now, I'd say "I never win these things!" Thanks!

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It's in the mail... should arrive any day now!


Grace and Peace,