I got in, I got in!

Well, hello...

Wow - what a great community! So glad to be here.

Knitting news from chilly South England -

I was working on Martin Storey's Amos but couldn't get gauge even on needles four sizes smaller (Martin must knit *very very tightly*). I did the maths and, yes, all the stitch counts are right, but if I knit it on 2mm needles it would have stood up on its own.

So... I'm doing the same cable but on a sleeve - big k2p2 30F cable. Chunky. Sculptural.

Also just introduced my Sis-in-law to circulars. She can't believe anyone would ever knit on anything else.

"One of us, one of us..."

Also, knitting a pair of mittens in Manos de Uruguay merino/silk combo. I rather thought a jumper in it would be a ridiculous spend. Mittens? Just about right.

Thank you for welcoming me here - I'm glad to not be only the second guy I know who knits....


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Welcome to the site!

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Welcome to menwhoknit from sunny South Florida!

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I sede you are on Ravelry - there is a forum for men who knit on Rav as well;

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Are you going to be attending the Mens UK Knitting Retreat??

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Good to see another Brit onboard. Sounds like you are well immersed into the fibremalarky :)

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Hello Andrew (and Don)
Welcome to the site! You are definitely not the only 2 from the UK on this site... I'm from Dorset, Well I'm French but I moved in england 20 years ago. Hope to see some of your knitting work on this space soon.
Take care

As one new guy to another, Glad to meet you and all the other guys!!

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Welcome to MWK.

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Welcome and a wish that you enjoy yourself as much as I have. Lots of great people here. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Welcome, it is a great site, lots of help and input, watchout for MMario, he will have you hooked on lace in no time lol.