Future Fiber Artists

So, I am wanting to make a proposal to my principal about maybe starting a Fiber Arts club at school. The problem is that the district is making some cutbacks, and many programs will be done away with. I was wondering if you all might, or if you know someone who might, have some old, still useable knitting needles and crochet hooks that might be donated, and maybe some old stashes of acrylic yarns that you might want to get rid of. lol

I thought I might ask and see. :)


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Sounds like a good project. You could also try you local state guild knitters group if there is one, or even try putting a notice in the local library if that is permitted.

Look in second-hand stores or any place where items are donated for charity and then for resale at extremely affordable prices. Garage sales and estate sales are good places to shop around as well. Last year my aunt in southern Kansas was the recipient of boxes and boxes of yarns, crochet cotton, crochet hooks, knitting needles, etc. An elderly lady friend had passed away before completing her stash, and her husband just wanted to get rid of the stuff. My aunt donated most of the yarns to a church ladies' group and then gave the rest of the stuff, five medium-sized cardboard boxes full, to me. Maybe if you mention your desire to start such a project with the students to a few interested and influential people, donations may come your way. Best of luck!

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Many thanks, gentlemen.

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Hey Joseph,

How old are the kids you teach? Do any of them knit already? Have they been asking for lessons?

I've got a somewhat similar situation going on. I work with DD adults and there is a group of 5 who knit. The staff person who's been supporting them recently left for knee replacement surgery and will be off for three months. At the same time a local hospital that has a knitting group that makes baby blankets for newborns has approached our agency asking if our knitters would be interested in participating. They are all very interested. Our knitters are good but all they can do is garter stitch. What I’m interested in, rather than supplies, is knitter volunteers. People who’d be willing to help our clients put some finishing touches on their work. People who’d be willing to teach new skills to some of our knitters. Not really sure how I'm going to do any of that. But I wish you the best of luck in your efforts. Tom

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Hi, Tom.

My kiddos are sophomores in high school. I teach at a Title 1 school, and I am trying to work with some of the after school programs to help work with the kids. I am presenting this to the tomorrow, along with our art teacher. I have taken a couple of my finished projects to school, a couple of blankets, and some students have said they would like to learn. :-)