Another lacey manscarf

Here's the result of an attempt at a scarf that would look nice on a fussy dresser and coordinate with black jackets. We're talking flat, sophisticated, and of course, soft.


At the yarn shop I was not impressed by any of the finer gauge yarns, nor was I convinced I wanted to put that much love into the project, knowing my aversion to scarves.


After swatching, I decided the yarn called for a defined texture... fast forward to the final selection...The longer Matthew Shepard scarf proved to be a winner.


Once I worked out a couple glitches and adjusted what I think may have been errors in the chart, it turned out to be an engaging knit without being too overwhelming. I was able to knit the second lace panel almost entirely without referring to the chart. I did tweak the ribbing, since someone had brought up the complaint that the ribbed neck doesn't provide as much coverage as one might desire.


The yarn (currently on sale at was very nice to knit with, and stood up beautifully to ripping out four times. Oh, and I was pleased to find that the reverse side is just as spiffy as the front!


The thing that really gets me is that the design is offered for free, but with a request that the person using the pattern do something to open his heart to people different from him. That challenge affected my thoughts as I knit on the bus, and it took over my blog post. Take a look if you like:





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I have looked at that scarf for years now and have never made it. You are an inspiration. It is truly beautiful and you did such a lovely job knitting it.

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I too have looked at this scarf for several years and thought of making it. It is truly beautiful. Excellent work.

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I absolutely LOVE this! I would like to make it in black to go with my charcoal wool coat! But alas, I have too many projects going on right now :-(

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Magnificent, Willy. Really beautiful. When I think of making a knitted necktie that is the kind of look I think of. It would require super tiny needles though. And very good eyes... Awesome job. I'm inspired.

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What a great scarf, and story. I'd love to know what adjustments you made to the pattern.

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I put 3 X’s into my chart as follows:
Row 2/ Column 9
Row 6/ Columns 11 and 27

When I started this, I did not understand the double decrease, so I ended up improvising, which placed the center stitch in front (instead of behind). As they say, ”Design Feature!”

Center Ribbing Modifications:
RS: Sl1, [K4, P1, K2, P1], K5.
WS: Sl1, [P4, K4], P4, K1.

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truly gorgeous I would so wear it, if only I could finish a scarf, I have started a few hundred never ever finished one though

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Great scarf Willy, love the colour.

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Thanks, guys! I'm glad you like it... it's an aesthetic I'm not used to, but it was fun to 'dress up'!

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Great knitting, Willy. I've knit several Seaman Style scarves as gifts but never knit that one. It is a great looking pattern and looks quite handsome on you. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Another genius concept! I love this design!



WillyG's picture

Thanks, I do, too! It's a bit like knitting seed stitch with a kick.

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you did a beautiful job of making that scarf. And a special thank you for supplying the link to the pattern. I think I"ll make a couple and experiment with different yarn weights. Did you find any obvious errors in the pattern?

WillyG's picture

Thanks! And it's my pleasure to share it; it's a great scarf and a great cause.

I do think it had three errors in the chart; check further down the comments here to see my modifications. (The three x's)


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Oh my god....Your scarf compels me to shred my flannel shirt and ballcap if only to wear something that wonderful....Even if I'm wearing nothing else at all.

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Haha, that could be fun.