Variegated Scarf

I am using up some of the yarn my wife and son bought for me this past Christmas. This scarf is made with 1.5 skeins of Bernat Mosaic yarn...100% acrylic and variegated...100g/3.5oz. There was a lot of yarn used up at the end with the fringe. I wanted to get all the colors in the fringe, which meant I had to unroll ravel a lot of it. So, now I have a few tiny balls of yarn...good cat toys! It's not the softest acrylic but it is okay. My wife likes it because of the colors, so she gets the prize! It's a funny yarn because it mimics hand spun yarns that may have a bit more "raw" look to them. It has thin and thicker spots which add an interesting variation in the tension and look. Since it's acrylic, I didn't soak or block it. I used #13 needles and used a 2x2 rib stitch.


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Hey Mark,
Nice job! I've been told that an acrylic project can be softened up by running it through the wash using a fabric softener (might want to rubber band the fringe, though?). And then use one of those fabric softening dryer sheets in the dryer as well. That's what I've been told anyway...

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Pretty colors. In addition to Tom's suggestion, I've heard that steaming blocking acrylic can do wonders, as per Lily Chin.

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Hi Tom and Willy,
Thanks for the advice. I will give both a try.

I LOVE the scarf Mark! I would wear that myself. Another winner, buddy!
I like to use acrylic for items I use a lot, like blankets/afghans I wrap up in when watching movies or for pets. One go in the dryer always softens the yarn. I try not to put them in a dryer while too wet. That keeps the items from going too limp and lifeless. It also keeps the items from pilling badly.



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Hi Gregg and thanks for the kind words. It was fun to make. I'll add your suggestion to the others and we will give them all a good try.

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Beautiful Mark! Sid