My new little guy!

Here is my last little creature design. I am going to make some minor changes and create him a couple of buddies before they go for photos. I just thought I would share "Rupert" with the group for your imput! Thanks for looking.

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Aw, you lowlife! You stole my name! LOL I swear that was the name I was going to give my next dog. Shucks! Oh well, there is always another. :-)

George, who would have known you had it in you? I love the little guy. I have never done it, but your felting seems to be perfect. I cannot wait to see what friends you create for him.



Thanks for the great comment. As for the name I guess that great minds think alike!

Well, I can only agree with you in that YOU have the great mind. Surely I do not.



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LOL! Your creature looks like an awful lot of fun!

Thanks he was a lot of fun! I have ordered yarn to make him a couple of friends.