Clogs - a perfect pattern

They're clogs!!!  I just pulled them out of the washer and I'm SO HAPPY!!!

They're still damp but I'm wearing them around the house.  I don't want to take them off!  Once they're dry and I can give them a shave, I'll post a photo.  But here's my thoughts at the moment:

 I think this is very nearly the perfect pattern.   They knit up quickly.  They're easy, but challenging enough to keep things interesting.  They're well designed (the double thick bumper sole is genius).  They afford some opportunities for creativity and customization.  They'll make a great gift.  They're kind of magical!

And addictive. I'm ready to start another pair!



Bill's picture

I'm delighted to hear it John~
...just got the pattern from Imagiknits I'll bring it and yarn to our next Monday Night Knit...maybe you can help me get started????

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Fantastic - really pleased that they work.  I've just started the upper on clog #2 so with a couple of long train journeys ahead I should have them ready for felting by the weekend.  Looking forward to seeing the pics.


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 Good for You!

I felt the same way when I pulled mine out of the wash... and got the carpet soaked walking around in 'em anyway.

Have you thought about trying fiber trends' felt kitty pattern?

or any of their other felty goodies?



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