I have small balls - A haiku

I've got small yarn balls,
inherited ugly yarn,
an acryllic hell.

I simply can't bring myself to throw away this UGLY stuff.

I've got to knit it all.


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I was the same with left over bits of sock yarn and spent hours on the internet and with books figuring out what can be done with it. Tried a shawl and afghan that were just plain ugly. One day I threw it all in the garbage and have had a wonderful sense of freedom since. I regret the time I spent reearching and trying to use up that yarn. I could have knit how many pairs of socks, how many sweaters, how many shawls. Now when I finish a pair of socks, the few yards left go into the garbage and the two drawers that were emptied now have lovely wool in them for other projects.

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My suggestion, give it to the GoodWill. There might be someone learning or could use it for a non-profit project for other people. Sid

I understand. Somebody gave me a sack full of the acrylic stuff in lots of colors. Granny square afghans was my answer to the problem. Back in the 70's when granny square afghans were the rage, I never made any because, well, everyone seemed to have one. But when faced with that bag, I crocheted four full-sized afghans and gave them to my kids for Christmas. Mixing up the colors was enough to keep me entertained--had to have something because making them was rather boring. That was my answer to getting the stuff out of my house and into someone else's.


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I'm working on a baby blanket that will be all stripes (knit flat in the round). The whole idea was to bust through stash. Well... turns out I didn't have enough of the colors I liked and the rest of the colors just looked horrible, so what did I do? I went shopping. Great!!

A guy in our knitting group is an elementary school art teacher and we were talking last Sunday - I'm going to give a bunch of yarn to him. There are definitely people who can use the yarn. But I agree with Ron, the left over bits that are not much more than a few yards total... straight to the trash. You'll drive yourself crazy keeping every bit!!

Here are some more haikus for you! And even more haikus!!!


Now is the time for CROCHET---take all those nasty bits and crochet a round or square mat into a footwiping rug by the back door. When it gets dirty just wash it---throw it out in the back yard in the rain and forget where it is.

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I went through a bunch of my stash today and donated a fairly sizable amount of odds and ends to friends who are going to a Girl Scout gathering in Mexico. The yarn will be used for crafts projects with schoolchildren and it feels good knowing that's where it will end up. Otherwise, it would have gone to charity or a second hand shop. Good idea, though, to make up afghans...my Shawl Ministry group could get some mystery yarn ones for the nursing care facilities. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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You guys have inspired me and tickled my husband.

I will seriously consider a hole in the yard. I've also thought about melting it down to make jewelry. (That I'll never wear.)

If I ever have enough of the crappy stuff, it's always great for a test knit of something.

Maybe I'll take it to the stitch n bitch and let the ladies sort through it, then leave it in the jeep and take the leftovers to the art teacher at school. I got rid of all the baby boucle at the last Christmas swap.



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A friend of mine works at a dog/cat shelter and is always in need of mats for their homes (cages.) I just knit up my scraps for a nice mat; the animals don't seem to care what color combination I use.

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Have you seen what I did with lots of odds and ends?? It's in my album:
It's about 6 feet across... it sort of got out of hand! I had to stop because I couldn't get any more stitches on my circular needle! I didn't know at that time that I could have used TWO circulars, otherwise it would have been much, much larger! This was back quite a few years.

I had learned a lot about colour combinations -- the same yellow always looked different when next to a red, or a blue, or a green. Odd.

I've always wanted a vest done like that. I should get started -- I think I have the balls for it now! Small YARN balls, of course.