Knitting and community

Last I wrote, I wrote about writing and turned here for a renewed practice of writing... which has been spotty.
Though I do not have a completed project to share this time, I do have a reclaimed project in the works. I have a feeling that I am not alone in usually having a couple of unfinished projects floating around.
In taking a picture of this sock, I set it down on my current reading and got to thinking about the contents of these books and, strangely, how they connected to my knitting. Patti Smith writing about Robert Maplethorpe... biography illuminating not just a life and a friendship between two shining people about whom I know little but also the creative uprising in New York City at that time and the community that this poet and this photographer moved in. So too do we form community around something like knitting. I wrote last week about my friend Michael accompanying me on my first turning of a heel. We took that turn together at a coffee shop amidst a group of men knitting and chatting away. Somehow I heard him above the gossip. Joining that group was lovely most because of the exposure to older brothers who had been knitting and knitting together for years.
Kay Ryan's book of poetry, purchased because my two new housemates took me along to a reading by this former poet laureate. So refreshing to hear a great writer who is a smartass and wraps her poems in small packages. My housemates I know because of knitting, knitting with the guys at the Men's Gathering here on the East Coast. And like a picked up stitch, they welcomed me back and gave me a place to live upon my return to DC recently.
Here too, men are sharing their knitting and their lives with each other. What stories would any of you share about community and knitting that you have experienced?

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