Multicolored scarf.

I have finished my leftover yarn scarf and I think it came out quite well. Only problem is somewhere along the way I have developed a pain in my left wrist and thumb area. That sucks, huh?

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What a fun scarf! I really like the colors you chose to go with the gray. Perfect. Sorry your wrist and thumb are bothering you. I have developed a bit of a issue with a deep muscle in one of my legs. Being an avid hiker, it upsets me. It always seems that when you enjoy doing something physical, pain tries to get in the way. I'll walk/hike through my pain while you knit your way through yours. Be well.

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Thank you very much and it was as fun to knit as it looks. And as for the pain I use a wrist brace and that seems to help alot. So KNIT ON!

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I love the scarf. The colors are bright and cheery. It would be something to definitely use on a dreary, cold winter day. The pattern gives it an interesting texture. Nice job. I hope the pain subsides and that we will see more of your work.

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Very nice looking lives up to the promising beginning. As for the pain, hope it eases. You may need to look at how you hold your needles and yarn, going for a more neutral position for the hands and wrists. I had to do that and it helped immensely. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Awesome scarf. I want one :-)