They Suck

Was just informed by my partner on facebook, not face to face, but on facebook that our relationship was done.


Really? That is something you need to do in person! So sorry.

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That is a real chickens**t thing to do. Sorry too.

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I even named one OF MY PIECES AFTER HIM! PHILLIP'S TEDDY! OH WELL....some comfort has been discovered. Just burned some of his things out back....Feeling better.

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I hope someone didn't hack in to his account...

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Yeah, mine broke up with me through text while I was at work. Sorry to hear about the news man. *HUGS* At least you have us on here if that helps any.

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No, it wasn't a hack. I called him to confirm and he went "heh heh, uhhhh..." bastard. I'm a hottie. He wasn't. If you catch my facebook you'll see picks of me burning his clothes.

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wow, don't you just love social media, so now after cyper and or phone sex, there is also the facebook break up, where will it end?

Hugs for you!

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Dude, someone who is so shallow to do such a thing is not worth it anyway. You deserve better.

I just got out of a rough relationship, 5 years. The best thing to do is just to look after yourself, and just remember that there is someone out there for you, somewhere :-)

I know its a cliche but love sucks, lol.

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There are no cliche's, man. Just solid truths repeated again and again. And why are all the hot men in Australia????

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(((hugs))) You deserve better.

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Wow... what a coward! He probably doesn't even know how to knit right? Sorry to hear about this but obviously, as everyone has said, you deserve someone with more courage and integrity.


Just checked your facebook. Couldn't find the pics of fire. In the meantime, on your profile I noticed you went to Berlin HS. I went to Nuernberg HS. NHS is closed down now, how about Berlin?

This doesn't have anything to do with your knuckle-headed Phillip friend. Sorry to hear he's such a low-life.


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Oh, wow! You went to a DoDDS school, too, eh? I knew there had to be a few of you out there. Berlin American's last graduating class was 92 or 93, then it was handed back over to the Germans and is now a private boys school. (The neighborhood was always very posh, it was in Dahlem). I miss those days, I truly do. Was thankful for the five years there....The burn pics should be there, I've had a number of comments about them. And as for the bastard himself? Well, let's just say I'm awfully fond of men...not boys.

Please re-name the teddy----Phillip does NOT deserve a teddy. Wish you lived close to me---I would bring you some tea and cookies and sympathy.

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I'm sorry to hear about your break up, and troubled to hear of the fashion it was done in. Remember, take care of yourself and take the time to find happiness on your own, and happiness with another will happen when it's right.

Peace, love, and luck

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I agree with everyone else. A very cowardly way of ending a relationship. x

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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That is a damn shame. As everyone said, you definitely deserve better. I hope you find him. Take care - JoeBooks, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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There no easy way to end a relationship, but there are FAR better ways than on Facebook. You can't even punch the guy in the nose via the Internet. I had a similar ending delivered to me via my answer machine decades ago. Feel better!

He was clearly a reptile who preyed upon your good nature and deceived you, and now you can be free of him and go on with your life. YOU WILL BE JUST FINE. I had a former boyfriend actually dump at the cemetery after my grandmother's funeral. (Hand to God) I swear. At the cemetery. You're right about the difference between little boys and grown men. Stay strong.