Grey Aran Keyhole Neck Top

Heres what ive been knitting lately on one of my machines. Its knitted in an acryclic/wool aran yarn and has knitted up really nice.

Hope you guys like it!


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I don't even know how a knitting machine works!!! But your top looks great and I love the color!! Gray can be so nice. Good job!


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Thanks for the comment. Grey is a great colour and goes with anything i think, yet unlike black is much easier to work with. Knitting machines are easy to use once you get used to the techniques and the different buttons and dials on the carriage. I would highly recommend one to complement your hand knitting. People think that i just machine knit, yet i do also like to hand knit aswell. Before i had a ribber for one of my machines i would hand knit all my ribs by hand then transfer the stitches to the machine.

Thanks again.

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I've always wanted a knitting machine. I've seen videos of them on youtube, and some for sale on ebay, and they actually aren't that expensive.

Have you gone back to knitting by hand after having the machine?? or is it just too convenient, lol.

It looks great, if i had a machine i would attempt stuff like this. I have some really beautiful Lacoste and Ralph Lauren Knitted sweaters and i would love to make one, but i am really bad at following a pattern :-)

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Hi there thanks for the comment. I would really recommend you consider investing in one. Machine knitting is very interesting, rewarding and most of all fun!!! I will admit i got bitten by the knitting machine bug on YouTube!!! and have now been machine knitting for about 15 months. Ive also now got 5 knitting machines, and am a bit of a collector.

A lot of people think i just machine knit, and some even say its cheating, but no its not. There is still skill involved in using a machine, learning how to manipulate/transfer stitches, using the carriage etc. I do hand knit aswell and enjoy as much as before the machines. Before i invested in a ribber for my chunky gauge machine i would knit the ribs by hand and transfer them to the machine to continue the piece.

You can make jumpers similar to how you describe. I made one the other week using a very fine 3 ply yarn that i wouldnt even dare go near with knitting needles (It would take years to complete it by hand!!!!) The vest you see here i designed myself using some software called Knitware. This software takes into account the actual yarn you are using by doing a tension swatch then inputting your measurements. If i wanted to i could do a fairisle pattern using the machine, or maybe use MS Excel to help me design somesort of intarsia pattern.

Go get yourself a machine! You can get a bargain!!!



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I'm totally going to get one!

The only problem i found was on Ebay, most of them are overseas, and the postage on an item that heavy is ridiculous.

I am very impatient by nature, so i think a machine would suit me.

Andy you are right, from the videos i have seen it is still a very technical and skilled process.

I'll let you know if i get one :-)

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That vest looks great! You are being a good missionary for machine knitting.

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looks very how long did it take to make this, I hasve knitted vests before and I usually take anywhere between a week and a month. I guess machine knitting is faster? I am just worried it will take the fun out of knitting for me, if only there were a way to try one.

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Hey thanks, why would it take the fun out??? Machine knitting is just as fun as hand knitting. I still enjoy hand knitting too, and can always pick up my hand knit project whenever i want. For quick results i like to use a machine, and is so much fun learning all the different techniques and the list of patterns and textures available to knit on the machine is endless.

You would like it.