Finished Tie

Hey guys, so after a few attempts, I finally finished a neck tie.

Its just a stockinette stitch done in cotton.

Feedback would be good before i decide to wear it to work!

also have a new beard and feedback on that would be good too! lol :-)

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Looks good to me. I'd say the sticking point would be whether or not it sags/stretches out of shape during a days wearing.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Yeah, maybe i should line it with some muslin or linen or something?

I'm a high school teacher, I just dont want the kids to make fun of me, lol.

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*IF* the HS kids want to make fun of you they will find something; regardless...(and sometimes it's a mark of respect - in an odd back asswards way)
So wear it around the house on a weekend and see if it stretches out of shape - if it does - line it. If it doesn't, I have certainly seen much worse ties worn in public!!!!! *grin*

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Tie looks great! Knitted ties should be a bit soft...they're more casual, so I don't think you need a lining. You could sew a ribbon "keeper" on it to hold the tail in place. ....but I think your students will get a kick out of seeing the anchor peeking out.
Nicely done!!!

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Yeah i was thinking about sewing some cotton alone the back of the neck area, a lot of knitted ties i own have a bit of fabric sewn around this area.

I like the tie---hope it wears well cause it would be a shame to line it---Also like the beard---if I were 30 years younger I would chase you around the barn!

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I really like both the tie and the beard. I want to know if it stretches when you wear it. If not, I want to try one. The color and pattern of yours are great. I agree with Mario...the kids will find something else to make fun of, if they want to make fun of you...... so wear it.

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I think it's great!! Hopefully you won't need lining - but if you do it'll always look good on you. Love the anchor!! My partner teaches high school and I'm in awe of people like you and him who have the guts to stand up in front of a class of teenagers everyday. I would cry. Congrats on your tie!!


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Thanks mate!

I used the anchor in the design as an ode to vintage tie design, alot of old ties used the anchor motif. And i guess its that sort of idea that the tie is a symbol of a job or career, whether you like it or not, sometimes you are just stuck with it! so i thought it was a cool idea.

I like the tie, and if the students tease, it's because they have noticed. I've been a high school teacher and often wore my own knitted vests and sweaters. I rarely took their criticism seriously. Underneath some of the "ribbing" was admiration, but it's not within an adolescent to compliment what a teacher is wearing. Now, years later as I am becoming FB friends with some of my former students, they ask if I'm still involved with spinning and knitting.


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Ooh, I love the tie, and you look great in it! I definitely want to know how it turns out with some wearing...I'd love to copy it!

One of the biggest influences in my entrance to knitting was my science teacher in high school. A former hippie and ironworker, he had done seemingly everything. When he first came to the school, I recall that my sister's class gave him a hard time, but when I look back he's at the top of my list for "favorite teacher." He was notorious for his outlandish ties and blinding computer screensavers, and he was always toting the latest gismo from the toy store, such as an echo mic. I remember him as being fun, engaging, creative, and passionate about his subject, but he also opened doors to other things. In classes like chemistry, he took a bit of time out to teach us firsthand about the conceptual art of John Cage and the tesselations of M.C. Escher. And I distinctly remember when he sported his first knit hat, a wild ski hat with two or three points and a myriad of colors. He told us his mother was teaching him to knit. That was probably around Thanksgiving. After the holidays, he returned wearing a beautiful colorwork sweater, and showed us a hat to match. (The guy was built like an ox, so this was no small accomplishment.) As his mother lived down the street from my family, a few of us took a few knitting lessons (my first introduction to knitting). I got to know Mr. J a bit more, and found out that he had done all sorts of needlecrafts, but didn't seem any less masculine for it. (He made a cross stitch of an alien.) This man is part of the reason I feel comfortable participating in this community today, and I am grateful. Without him and his knitting, I don't know if I'd be here.

The love, interest, and creativity shown in your tie speak to who you are as a person. Your students may notice, and some may tease, but some may be inspired.

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I love john cage. I'm an art teacher, i have tried to teach a little bit about john cage and the whole Fluxus thing, yoko ono, nam june piak, etc. But it's hard trying to teach conceptual art to a bunch of teenagers. They react more to the visual rather than the conceptual.

Escher they love for obvious reasons. I am not a huge fan personally, but i respect the work, just personal taste. But i often teach his work because students react to the "illusion" etc, and that can be a good starting point for a more conceptual discussion. But I didn't even really 'get' conceptual art till i was in my mid 20's and still struggle with it today! I am more of a modernist i guess. I love the craft and technique more than the idea.

Anyway feel free to copy! :-)

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The tie looks good and so do you, I admire anyone who teaches high school.

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The tie and beard both look great.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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Yum to both. You look good with and without the beard so have fun with both looks. And great job on the tie. I love the colors and the anchor.

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Great looking tie and a nice beard. The tie may stretch some, no doubt. You could always shorten it once it has, but it may be that the extra length won't be too bothersome. The only tie I remember anyone knitting was when a dear friend found some yarn specifically for ties [antique silk yarn from the 1940-50's era] and was knitting with size Zero needles. Even then, if I remember right, she was working it in Linen Stitch to help control the stretch factor. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I really want to work with silk. I guess this first one was just a test more than anything. I tried using size zero for a while, but i got nowhere fast! you knit for hours and only finish a tiny bit. Its frustrating!!!!

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That is so true. However, it doesn't seem that way when working on socks. Of course, the amount of length needed for a sock and a necktie is a bit different. ;-) -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The tie looks awesome. The beard looks hot, but then again I like some scruff on a guy. Makes you look tougher.

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Yeah i'm trying to look butch at the moment :-)

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You look _very, very_ butch. And that tie is just amazing. I LOVE a knitted tie any day, but you've made one that is above and beyond. Good work, mate.

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Man, I've been looking at that tie and looking at that tie and looking at that tie. In fact I put it on my desktop to make it easier. That is exactly and precisely the kind of tie I want to make. So how did you do it? Why doesn’t the stockinette curl up? Is it double-knit? Sure looks double-knit. It behaves the way dk fabric does. Was the cotton yarn mercerized? What weight was the yarn? Sock yarn? What size needles? And what about the stripes? That’s a lot of color changes. Did you cut yarn and weave in ends every time or is it self-striping yarn? Sorry for the interrogation, but I got to know!:)

You’re absolutely drop dead gorgeous and the beard and the tie look great on you. If I were a kid in your class I'd be helpless.

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Thank you so much!

ok so many questions, lol.

The stockinette doesn't curl because its actually a tube, well i stitched it into a tube after i was done. So i knitted twice the width of the tie, and dropped stitches as it gets to the part that goes around your neck. So as i was knitting, yes it curled like crazy. But once i stitched it in the back and ironed it flat, that stopped. It needed to be a tube to have the right weight for a tie.

Also because it is cotton, you can use a very hot iron and it doesn't ruin the cotton, as it would with wool or silk.

It was a 4 ply cotton, 50g or 1 3/4oz. I used size 3mm needles with a fairly loose knit actually, but i did the "twisted stockinette" which apparently gives you a tighter knit, but i just did it because i find it more comfortable knitting through the back loop.

Yes, i cut the yarn whenever i changed color instead of carrying it up the side, there were just too many changes to do that.

So yeah, the next one i do, i will probably try and knit it in an actual tube, which i have never tried before.

Hope that answers some of your questions! :-)


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Thanks, Ryan. It didn’t occur to me to just knit a tube. I think I’m going to try that. All I need to do is find the right yarn. Thanks! Tom

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Great tie Ryan. And take the teasing as a compliment. I teach middle school, and I find if the students are comfortable enough to make fun of you, it's kind of a backwards sign of respect and affection. If they don't like you, they only talk behind your back. :-)

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

"All knitting is just one stitch at a time."

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Thats true. I'm at an all boys private school. So they aren't as tough as they think they are :-)

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the tie looks good, very good actually I am sure noone will tease you over that, as for the beard... very sexy, it suits you

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WOOF to both!