Update and Need Help Understanding this Pattern...

Hi Guys,

First off I wanted to say thank you to everyone for there tips with continental knitting. Its going extremely well now. No pain in my hand, tension is perfect, and speed is much better. I've also been doing around the next knitting for the long rows of purling 300 sts and the switch back to continental for the knit rows on the blanket I'm doing. I know it may sound weird to switch between both methods, but its working for me and I'm making good progress on my blanket.

I wanted to start this pattern tomorrow while sitting in the car on our little road trip but I'm having trouble understand a certain part of it. They mention linen stitch pattern, which is fine, but they also mention "work in pattern". (E.g. "Next row: (RS) Work linen st over 7 sts (lower edge), p1, work in patt to last 8 sts, p1, work linen st
over last 7 sts.") What are they referring to when they mention "work in patt"? Knitting the knits and purling the purls?

Thanks guys,
I really appreciate all the help you guys so graciously give.


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That's correct.........you are working that area in stockinette. If you enlarge the picture, you can see the linen stitch around the neck and stockinette covering the body of the sweater. If you use a Mac, enlarge the picture by holding the command key and enlarge the picture by using the "+" key. To decrease the picture use the "_" key.

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I am using a Mac, that' perfect! Thanks!

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Glad to hear that the yarn around the neck method is helping with the purling. Instead of it being called the Portuguese method, I think it should be re-named the purl-ease method. And if I'm ever faced with hundreds of knit stitches in a row, I will definitely brush up on my continental skills. I'm looking forward to pictures of this blanket. All the best with it, David. Tom