Bad Sock Day

I have knit many pairs of socks---made many goof-ups and picked up lots of dropped stitches----So--in present sock in progress I dropped a stitch---tried to pick it up and dropped three more off the needle---used extra needle and two crochet hooks trying to do damage control and accidentally pulle needle out of 16 more stitches----yelled SHITFIRE, frogged the whole damn sock and started anew. Every now and then, shit happens!


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How very true. That's why I always tell new knitters, "You can't be afraid to rip." Not that you have to enjoy it, of course. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yes, sometimes you have a disaster. Dropping one stitch is not a disaster, for it is easy enough to just latch it back up and put it on the needle. We've all done it multitudes of times -- just part of knitting. Not a big deal. Two or three stitches...okay, this might be a panic.

The first thing to do is stop, be calm and proceed methodically. If you are not in the mood to concentrate and have patience.... put it down, and STEP AWAY!! This is NOT a good time to try any repair work. Come back when you are refreshed and have a clear head.

Dropping 16 more stitches is a good sign that you need to leave it for now. This is a result of frustration and carelessness.... not a good space to be in when doing critical repair work. It CAN be done -- even in lace -- but you need to have the patience and concentration. In fact, I can fix someone else's work much easier than I can my own.

But now that you have ripped (good for the soul), you can start afresh -- all will now proceed as it should.