Wonderfull Wallaby

Just finished - it was meant for a 6 month old but I decided to make it bigger as kids grow so fast - Now its more like for a two year old.

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That's great!
...I've been wanting to knit one for my grandson. Where ie the pattern available?

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I know I originally got my copy from Lizzie Ann's Wool Company in Holland, MI -- I'm sure if you gave them a call they'd get you one through the mail. Their phone is (616) 392-2035

Grace and peace,

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I have the pattern. I bought it at a LYS in Wilmington, NC. I am anxious to try it. Yours looks great!

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It is a beautiful sweater and you are right that kids grow so fast at that age. This one will be used for a year or more.
Great knitting.

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Your local yarn store should have it. It's printed by Cottage Creations.

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Thank you...I'm in Boston right now, but will be home soon and will order it.

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I've heard that the Baby Surprise Jacket can be done for an adult. I wonder if this pattern could be made adult size. It sure is good looking. Nice job, Eric. It's beautiful.

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If I remember correctly, the booklet comes with patterns for all sizes from child to (XL) adult.

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Our local yarn store has taught this project as a class and yes, it is doable on an adult size. Great work and I'm all for making things big for kiddos. People get baby size stuff galore at baby showers but lack toddler size clothes. My last baby suprise jacket was done toddler size in organic cotton.

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In the pattern book it does have the pattern to make if for an adult. May have to try it myself.

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Very nice work and I love the finished product. We have a new addition due in May, that I have made a blanket for. Since the baby will be in Athens, Ga., they do not need anything warm for the summer. This would make a great item for me to make for the fall. I am going to try to find the pattern. Thanks fort he posting.

Beautiful job Eric! Someone is going to be quite proud to receive such a gift. And, how right you were to make it larger. There is nothing like a baby or toddler in a big sweater with the sleeves rolled up some. They look so cool.



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Very nice knitting. And the great thing is that the youngster can grow into it. I did that for my great-grandniece's sweater - it hangs to her midthigh - but she can enjoy it for many years. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.