Go vest young man.

Now that winter is over (in the southern hemisphere) I think my run of beanies is also at an end. So now I'm looking at knitting my first item of clothing that's not a hat or a scarf & I'm thinking VESTS!

So, do any of you wondeful fellas have/know of a good vest pattern? I'm after something that's fairly plain & easy to knit (I can always jazz it up with my yarn choice) preferably using a worsted/heavy-worsted weight yarn. Any help/links would be greatly appreciated.



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There's great pattern for a zippered front vest in this book..."Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men"... I knitted it... http://www.amazon.com/Simply-Beautiful-Sweaters-Men-Tricoter/dp/1564773795/sr=1-3/qid=1157595839/ref=pd_bbs_3/104-4319213-2228727?ie=UTF8&s=books

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If you or someone you know have a Windows PC, Knitware Design is really good for making patterns, and can do vests as well. 

This is the only program I ever use on the PC, so I have a demo loaded on my parents machine. It cannot save designs, take custom measurements or print graph paper, but all the other functionality is there.

The Nerd Vest in Not Another Teen Knitting Book by Vickie Howell is super cute, but the pattern only goes up to size 38 and has a typo (10.5 needles, not 8). 


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I'd love to see pictures of both of those vests, I googled the book titles but didn't see anything that sounded like either of those. The "Nerd Vest" sounds like it'd be my style & thankfully I'm a small so no worries there.

There a a couple of nice vests in the Simply Beautiful Sweaters for men. I knitted the one that is pictured in Black with red accents and changed it to big bold stripes-- really nice and their patterns seem to "fit" very well (for me at least). Size 8 needles, as I remember.


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I saw pictures of that vest on Google. I liked the black/red but your bold stripe version sounds cool too.