Rainbow Squares Afghan

Hey guys. I just finished another project. This one is from a 1984 Brunswick pattern mag, Cozy Afghans, volume 843. I found a variety of mags on eBay, and bought some from sellers who actually took the time to include pics of the featured pieces. This one was the first choice for me because I wanted to use up a lot of my stash yarn. That didn't happen at all. I ended up bringing the mag to LYS and matched the colors. I will be giving it to a friend for his birthday since he said that this type of pattern is the only 80's afghan style he likes. I made it look just like the pic in the magazine. There's enough yarn left over for me to make another one for myself. That one will have purple instead of black around all the colors. Go Ravens!

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Great Job Jim!

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Hi Jim, I love the colors and the pattern. Be sure to post pics of the one you make for yourself. I am going to try and find the pattern. Very nice job. Your friend is lucky.

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Beautiful!! Definitely reminds me of many years gone by. Great memories too!! Your work is amazing. Congrats!


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I really enjoy heirloom patterns; they bring back many wonderful memories! Beautiful work! Sid

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Looks great.

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Very nice, Jim. Purple surrounds will make it look fantastic. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Wow, gorgeous work. You are a more patient man than I sir.

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Gorgeous. I never thought I'd be able to appreciate an afghan, but this one has turned my head.

Does this qualify as Retro-chic? It is old. It is funky. It is absolutely beautiful! It is a work of art!!! I would not dare use it. :-)



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It is so gorgeous!!!! And happy looking.

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Wow! Such beautiful work!