Some recent hats

Here are three of the four hats I've knitted in the past three weeks. The fourth hat has already gone to its new home and I didn't get a picture of it.

I'm attaching another photo to show the raglan decreases. The orange hat is the half dome hat that a number of you guys have knitted. The other two hats are hats from the book, Hip Knit Hats. Please note, there is an error in the pattern in Hip Knit Hats - that's why I have the hat on the right! It's knitted according to pattern. The hat on the left is knitted according to the picture in the book.

Thanks to Justin for his support and for telling me about the book, Hip Knit Hats. Enjoy!

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great hats

Serge664's picture

i thought mine turned out a bit wonky!

these look great! sorry we missed the fourth.

hope to have time to try that new cast on soon. 


Please remember: I have a collection of needles and a history of violence

skogknits's picture

nice job on the hats!! great colors too. i love 'em!

Great job!!!  Gonna have to check out the book


Michael Cook's picture

I must have missed the other guys doing the half-dome - it looks so cool!  Where could I find the pattern?

grandcarriage's picture

I rather like the error hat:  Kind of Jackie O dented pillbox thing going on.  Very cool shape.