Sock Wars Deadline!

I don't see any recent posts about this, but I may have overlooked it/them.  Just in (09/08) is the close of signups for the Sock Wars!

The main site has been updated since the post above, that is here at Yarn Monkey's  Hurry!  Go sign up!  They've already announced prizes!  (Did someone say prizes?!)  Wink

Have a wonderful weekend, all!


hizKNITS's picture

thanks for posting this... I just finished a pair of socks last night!

KenInMaine's picture

Sean, did you get any kind of correspondence from Yarn Monkey yet regarding Sock Wars?  I sent in my info to sign up about a week before the deadline and haven't gotten an emal confirming that I'm in, nor am I listed on the site as one of the "warriors."  Just wondering...

boyforpele13's picture

Hey, Ken.  I did mid-August and exactly a week later she replied confirming and welcoming me.  She seems like a pretty down girl, I would e-mail her to follow up.  I hope you're in!!!!  Keep me posted.



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