Knitting in Rage!!!

Okay so it is a good idea to knit while so darn angry??? It seems my stitches are a little tighter than normal, well that is all I can do right now, I am as mad as can be at a co-workers lack of...well work... and after being out of the office for a day I am left with a pile of stuff to catch up on. I am knitting a few stitches at a time, as I can get them sneaked in, just to keep my mind from this person as much as I can. Thank God knitting is relaxing!


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ONLY if you can concentrate, if not, it can become a kitting disaster! Cheers! Sid

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Knitting in rage is fine, as long as you don't have great expectations for the item your are knitting on. I have an angry scarf that I don't count among my projects because it's just such an item. I also feel it would be bad form to give or wear an item that I have put such ugly energy into. Of course, I do have a couple ex's that despite everything, have expected post break up knitted gifts. I could always send it to them...

Kidding! I wouldn't, I'm past that particular anger.

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well I undid what I was working on. I didn't like where I was going with such anger. Listened to a lot of music, wound a ball of yarn and sat outside in the somewhat warm air of Chicago before returning to work.
Feeling so much better, I am rid of my little pest. =)

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When I do that, I make swatches. :)

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I commend Q's idea of an "angry" knitting project. That may be a good use for dishcloths and such. After all, they don't have to be perfect gauge to be useful. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Oh, most definitely, your tension (in every sense of the word) will show in your work if your tension changes! Wait... I mean, the stitches will be a reflection of your mood. In a long stretch of stocking stitch, it will be painfully obvious. Ever see anyone bend those steel needles while knitting?

I had a guy tell me that he liked knitting while listening to music -- classical most of the time. But he noticed that his stitches were decidedly more firm with Wagner than they were with Mozart. So pick your music, and surroundings, and your mood carefully. Yes, you need some rage knitting, and some relaxed "I-feel-happy" knitting.