Hunter hat

I am looking for a pattern for a hunter hat:  The kind that hunters wear, with the fold up or down ear flaps.  Has anyone ever seen one?



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There are several ear flap hats at , hope you find one you like

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Thanks, but they just have the same old stocking caps with ear flaps.... Not what I was looking for.  I'll just make my own pattern....what I usually do.  I was just feeling lazy.




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I'll second Kerry's suggestion. There are plenty of ear flap, or chullo, patterns linked from that site that could be adapted to your tastes. I don't know that any of them have a front visor like a standard fleece-lined, sewn fabric hunter cap would have. That might take a bit of ingenuity to do in a knit version.

So how are things coming along on that kilt? 

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IF you design this pattern, can you bive/sell me a copy? I've been looking for days for a hunter/lumberjack knit pattern.