In the words of Herbie, FO

No, no, I didn't meet him on the street and slur his sense of style as he shouted obscenities as I smugly walked away (We've never met and I'm sure his sense of style is much better than my own). I rather liked his abbreviation of FO for Finished Objects.

And I got the baby blanket done, as well as a couple hats and am just finishing up the second booty for the set. Lucky little kid. Guess that's what happens when I suffer guilt from forgetting about a baby's appending arrival. I have to say, I really like the Nashua Superwash. It was pleasant in the hands and hopefully will stand up to the torture a child will put it through.

For anyone interested, the pattern is from Jared Flood's "Tweed Baby Blanket". You can find it on or

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Hah! Well, while I am always glad to be of service, I can't take credit for the abbreviation. I picked it up somewhere, possibly even on MWK. (It's counterpart, the UnFinished Object is also a fun abbreviation).

And as for style, if t-shirts, jeans and un-felted knit slippers constitutes a style, then ... sure.

I love the baby set. They look fantastic, and that little stripe of green just pops against the more neutral colors. Tardy or not, I'm sure the recipient will love it. Well ... the recipient could probably care less, at this point. The recipient's parents, on the other hand, I suspect will be most appreciative. Very beautiful work!

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I guess I'd need to know if you leave the house in the unfelted knit slippers... and if you do, how many cats do you have? Ever seen that show" Animal Hoarders"? Just kidding. Tshirt jeans and worn teva tennies is about my own.

Luckily the kid isn't here yet... so I get to show all the stuff off for a few days. That's if I leave the house. I seem to be on a baby hat frenzy currently.

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No, I don't. But: they don't have soles, so that would ruin them. I do occasionally put on flip-flops with socks, but just to go out and check the mail. ;-]

I have one cat currently, and that is plenty for the moment.

Ah! Hooray for being on time. I need to go apply that to my project that's due Thursday.

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You're giving yourself the dreaded Camel Toe? Why Herbie, why? Alas, the flip flop sock combo is better than felted house slippers being worn at Walmart... Go, attack your project, and may the God's of Timeliness and Accuracy smile upon you.

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Lucky kiddo! Great job!

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That is so adorable.

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Quintin that is an adorable set. I have to get the book so that I can make a set for our future granddaughter, due in May. Very nice work.

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Technically, not a book. At least, I don't think the blanket has been published in a book yet. As for the hats, those came out of my imagination. The smaller with the flower on the edge is a 60 stitch hat on size 6 needles in the left over worsted from the blanket, and the pom-pommed hat is 72 stitches with the sane yarn and stitches. The Mary Jane styled booties came from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger copyright 2009 printed by 10 Speed Press. /It's an amusing collection of baby items, many I find attractive.


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Quite a nice ensemble, Q. I think the blanket looks grand blocked and the other items are sure to be a hit. Glad that work was quiet enough that you could get a lot of knitting done. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Lovely set Quinton! I have Jared's pattern and can't wait to knit it. I adore the colors you chose!