Epic fail of the year!... I tripped and fell in mud while wearing hospital scrubs and white lab robe. EXCELENT laugh for everyone including myself... In class I endured and evil glare from my physiology professor but luckily I wasn't thrown out of class!...
My current project is a modified version of Amy Polcyn´s Shadow Rib Cowl in the same wool yarn I used for the beret hat I talked about in my last blog entry (which wasn´t to a couple people´s liking). Once again its for my sister.
A couple friends asked me yesterday the reason for which I knit hats and cowls and scarves so early in the year.... two words ... CHRISTMAS SEASON!... Everyone knows one can never start early enough to finish all the needed presents in time =)

I honestly believe my house keeper is going to drive me insane! She´s not the best cook and sometimes she "forgets" whole milk makes me sick.
She broke my favorite spongebob coffee mug and I was incredibly upset this morning . Sooooo NATURALLY I had to go yarn shopping to cheer myself up =D. I bought two balls of cherry red alpaca silk from Debbie Bliss PERFECT for my moms entrelac pashmina wrap I plan to make for the Christmas season.... Why only two? 174 pesos for 50g is going to make a huge dent in my bank account after completing this project. I figure two balls per week wont look too suspicious when my dad looks at my bank statements. He´d freak out otherwise and probably lower my monthly allowance (he´s not to fond of the knitting and much less of expensive fibers).

GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP! Im new in the entrelac world and I need the cleanest form of entrelac instructions possible. I made an entrelac scarf this winter and I didn't like the way each square came together. Any suggestions?


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I would get a self striping yarn along with your different colors, but entrelac looks the best when you are using a variety of colors. The best patterns are from the XRX publication Entree to Entrelac I believe , we got that book as a Gift from our Men Fall knitting retreat. I did a google search of that yarn and is being discontinued, so if you are only going to use two skeins, is perfect, otherwise return it and get something different like madeline tosh or wollemeisse, or even better malabrigo silk/merino blend or the malabrigo rios.

If you have not gotten into Ravelry, go and join it is the best resource for fiber enthusiasts on the net, Ravelry.com

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=(...thats too bad, its really nice and soft and warm!... mmm... could look fabulous as a hat for me!
The reason I want to make it a single color is becuase I saw a similar wrap at Gucci New York last year.. It looked really pretty which is why i thought a popping red would look great... Thanks for the heads up on the yarn!... and... Ill look into the book tomorrow!... im lucky not to have started the project with the red debbie bliss and have it not sold anymore while I was in the middle of my pashmina!... I would have had a heart attack!! thanks a bunch!:.. I do have a raverly account! but I never use it. The only reason I have it was to purchase a pattern last year...

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