More Mittens

Hi all. Finally it's beginning to feel like spring here in Minnesota. I am making another pair of mittens. I'm being a little more adventurous with using two colors. Things are going a lot smoother and faster than the first pair.....In my non-knitting life, I was accepted into a prosthetic technician program at the area community college. I start in the fall. I really want to learn how to build artificial legs and arms for those less fortunate. This seems much more interesting to me than my current job as a janitor. So my focus for the next year and a half will be school and I probably won't be knitting for a while....Happy knitting and learning and creating....Cullen

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Very nice..

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Hey Cullen,
You are to be seriously congratulated for going back to school for a career change. I think that working prosthetics is a wonderful choice. You will help so many, many people, especially if you work with young people. Don't give up the knitting though. You can use it in your therapy once you finish. Even if someone has artificial limbs, they still want to look and feel as normal as possible. Hand knitted mittens, leg warmers, sweaters will make wonderful inspirational gifts for all those who are trying valiantly to once again be as functional -- and stylish -- as they once were. I can foresee the joy on some person's face when they get their limbs AND a brightly colored pair of mittens. You can really add so much to their lives. Best wishes to you as you embark on this wonderful journey!

Let me know if you need anything proofread before turning it in. I am a 37-year English teacher and would be more than happy to lend you a pair of eyes if you like.

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The mittens are great. Good luck with your studies and try to devote 15 minutes per day to your knitting.

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Very nice work, Cullen. Mark has some good points to his post. Also, don't forget to knit as a stress-buster. Even if it is just dishcloths, hats for charity, or anytrhing like that, it will help you get through a rough day. When I worked in the medical field, I used to sit in my car over lunch and knit. Great way to get a breather and no one could pester me. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Cullen, the Mitten King! Looking good there. I wish you the best in your studies. You are going into an honorable profession. Study hard, but take time for yourself as well. KNIT! And, stay in touch with us...PLEASE! :-)



It is wonderful that you want to return to school. Like everyone else has suggested, you will need an activity to help you cope with the stress that is know as college. Knitting is one of the best activities to help in that situation. Also I don't know if you have thought about it in this light, but you will be working with people who have suffered a loss. Those people are looking for activities to fill their days as well as ways to connect to others. Knitting can provide all of this for all of us. Share your gifts with the ones that you give mobility back to and your job will always be the best in the world.