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I just started knitting a couple months ago and started with knitting socks for my daughter. I enjoy knitting socks and have almost completed a pair for myself. I want to learn some different stitch patterns but did not want to feel as if i was just doing swatches to learn the pattern but actually accomplishing a project. Any way I think if i did small squares in different stitches using complemetary yarns i could create a neet afghan or blanket. I was wondering where i could find some patterns for this sort of endeavor or if this would even work.
Because of my lack of patience i think this will be the best way for me to learn different stitch patterns.

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check out the "The Great American Aran Afghan"'s really wonderful...and many of our group have done it...

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The one that helped me a lot when I was starting out was the "Learn-To-Knit-Afghan Book" by Barbara Walker. Each square teaches you something new. It's aimed at the beginner and I found it hugely helpful. Good luck.

PS I don't know what to say about Barbara Walker except that, like Elizabeth Zimmerman, she is an important and revolutionary figure in 20th century knitting.

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I think there are several Great American Fill-in-the-Blank Afghans. Any one of them would probably teach a bunch of stuff you don't already know.

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Good tips from every one. There are several learning books based on afghans. The Great American Afghan book is aimed towards knitters with beyond basic skills [for the most part] but the Walker book is a good place to start. Or, pick up a good stitch dictionary and work out of it, picking out patterns you'd like to learn. That way, you have some idea of how they'll turn out before you try to adapt the pattern to socks. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Hi Jared...Welcome to the art of knitting and to MWK. I started just last September and have really enjoyed it. Here is a site that you might like. You can make 6" squares in lots of easy-to-follow patterns. Enjoy.


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If you were to take the Master Knitter's course through the Knitting Guild of America (, you are required to make precisely 12 inch squares (I beleive) for your samples. And then these are put together into an afghan. This serves as a great example of the different stitch patterns, a kind of huge sampler, that serves a purpose and that you can use as a reference. I've seen a couple of these, and they are very impressive. A lot of work... but we've all done enough knitting to make one, so why not? Take any stitch dictionary, and there are many of them around, and just go ahead and do it. Make your squares all the same size, and away you go.