iPad and knitting

how are people using iPad for knitting purposes? thinking of spending hard earned tax return on one but wondered if there was any advantage in terms of knitting


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you can put your pdf patterns on your iPad, and using the program called "GoodReader" you can mark the pdf's with coloured marks, row markings, quite a variety of tools available.

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That's what I use too Bill! I rarely print out patterns anymore and it's so easy and convenient to annotate directly on the screen or "check off" rows/rounds finished. I like to pre-read my pattern a couple of times before I cast on and highlight areas I know I will need to pay particular attention to. Don't even get me started on the ease of Ravelry and improvements I made in my posting times!

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I don’t like to look at a screen when I am working on a pattern, I have electronic files of patterns but print them off to work on them. I also don’t have an iPad, I do have an iPod and love my Ewe Stash app, it allows me to keep track of my yarn, needles and hooks on hand, it allows for a lot of information about the yarn. And since I always have my iPod with me I can always check to see what I need when I am in the store, so far it saved me from buying 3 needles I thought I didn’t have.
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Also, there are several good little apps available for iPad and iPod that you can use to track your rows, pattern rows, repeats, increase rows and decrease rows. I don't have an iPad now but I do have an iPhone and when I'm working on a lace pattern these multiple counter apps are very useful. I used to do with paper and siding paper clips along the edges of index cards.

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thanks all. btw, mill, i'll have whatever procedure you're working on :) (my luck, you're probably in obstetrics :)

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