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On my size 8 needles is Mom's Sophisticated Scarf from Stitch 'N Bitch Nation. I am making this scarf using Cascade 220 in the color Nutmeg, it is looking pretty, I like pattern and the color and really think that it will look good against the black wool coat of the intended recipient. As I said on a previous post I am making this scarf for my partner's mom, she is 82, yeah her son and I are far apart in age, and she never hand a hand knit scarf in her life. Today some news is going through my mind as I was working on the scarf with the goal to finish it by Mother's Day. The news, not what I was hoping to hear, is that she may not make it very long, she is a retired minister, a diabetic with cancer on a kidney, who can not go without 1 kidney. As the doctor said she may not make it through the surgery and if she does, she may be lucky to live another 5 years at most. We don't know when they are going to schedule surgery but should know in a month.
I'm sorry this is a sad posting, but it was on my mind all day and I have prayed for her so much today I thought it would be best for me to make my thoughts a little more public. She is a wonderful woman, we may not get along like her other in-laws do but I love her none the less. My grandmother was 82 when she died in '08, I would love for my partner, David, not to loose his mother yet.
Well off to bed to prepare for another day.


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Put all your love and hope into that scarf. Make it a talismen of sorts. I hope she loves it.


I am currently in a very similar situation to you, and at the end of each day I knit to relieve the stress and anger and to finish the sweater I know my husband will never wear. I am still putting all my love and care into it even though it will have very sad connotations. I send you my very good wishes, and encourage you to keep on with the project.

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warmth and hugs to you both and those around you

i'm only angry when i'm NOT knitting

we put birds on things

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Thank you everyone, the thoughts and kind words are much appreciated. I am going to continue to diligently work on the scarf and pray over her and the family.

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This is what shawl ministries are about - putting love and care into every shawl, stole, scarf etc. that is given. The fact that you work loving thoughts into the item helps surround the recipient in more than warmth. Blessings on you all during this time. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.