Tubular Cast On using Judy Becker's Magic Cast On

Here's the technique that I referenced in a thread where we were discussing different cast ons and cast offs. Bill/Will (hey we're like the 3 name rhymateers--Mill, Bill and Will), I was going to make a video, but I got called into work and I'm taking advantage of waiting for Xray to send me my patient's films by perusing YouTube. I found someone who made an excellent video already:

The only thing I wanted to mention, is that knitting and purling off of that first set of needles can be a little fiddly and cumbersome. Instead, I just slip my stitches alternately (one front, one back) to the second needle without changing the mounts. That way you have all of your stitches in place on the second needle and can just start your 1x1 rib.

She doesn't go into 2x2 and it is a little different for your setup. I will make a video for that if anyone is interested....that is, if I ever get out of here!


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Mill...your system of slipping the stitches to the one needle make so much sense! Thank you!
...and, yes, i do want to know what's different for the 2x2 rib...'cause that's what I usually do...

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Me too and I've never been happy with any of the tubular cast on methods for 2x2 until I discovered this one. It's infinitely neater in appearance! I'm off this weekend and no call, so I'll have time to shoot the vid.

Hugs (",)

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Very clever way of casting on.

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Thanks so much for that, Mill. I'm definitely going to study this. Good luck on making the video. I'd really like to see that too.