So I started a project that i´ve wanted to do for a really long time that had been postponed because of my lack of yarnology.

Its supposed to be a big rectangle entrelac pashmina for my mother and I think I finally got the hang of how to handle the yarn to avoid the annoying fugly edges.
Since the yarn that I had picked out before was discontinued ( thanks for the info guys) I sought a new fiber that looks and feels O.M.G.! ...

MY SPRING BREAK IS FINALLY HERE... THANK GOODNESS!... Lots of reading and knitting to do..and...VEGAS of course! ... I have to be at the airport in 3 hours... SOOO EXCITED!... mmm... knitting needles are allowed on international flights right? . at least to the US?... right right?... oh man im worried now! hahha...


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I had my needles taken away at the airport in Morelia!!!

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Yeah I think on national flights it's illegal in Mexico. I just got away from immigration... I ALWAYS have the bad luck to get picked for second revision... AppArently my visa has a micro scratch that always gives me issues... After a million and one questions as if I were a criminal they stamped my passport... Now I'm just waiting for my parents since they took a separte flight from Mexico city. Time to bring out the needles that didn't give me any problems crossing the river. :)

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It was an international flight. I think it is just the luck of the draw.