Standards to High

So, I've been waiting all week to post here because I wanted something completed to show for my time. I finished the lace ribbon scarf and that wasn't enough for me because I took too long in my own mind to finish. I don't know why, I wanted to do that pattern again and then once I started it, I was bored with it and had to bear down and make myself finish. Then, I had to have something else to show for my time. Sooooo... there's a little shawlette I got finished with today. I don't know why I felt like I had to complete something to post. It's really quite ridiculous. I seem to be holding myself to some ridiculous standard instead of just posting something that might pertain to someone elses world of knitting.

So on this note I attached some pics. My favorite is my 9mo boy wearing the scarf.

The Shawlette is tho one that Crafty Andy had recommended to another member. It's really quite a fast knit. And of course you can see by the beads I threw on, I just couldn't leave it at what the pattern said. And let's discuss the word "shawlette". What the heck is this? I've had some people look at me funny when I use it. I've decided that a shawlette is a scarf sized object that follows the shape and patterning of a larger piece that is a more regular shawl. So basically, it's a scarf but we feel all smarmy when we call it a shawlette instead. Other opinions?

Also, got another baby hat turned out with some left over shawl and scarf yarns.

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Love the shawl...but your "9mo boy" is a knockout! What a beautiful dog!

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He is, isn't he? Our little 9mo old wrecking ball of a pinto pony. Thanks!

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LOL...he looks like he's loaded with spirit!
...he'll be lots of fun as he grows up...

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Yes, you've got a case of the lace.

Love the shawlette. I feel what you're saying about the word, and at the same time I rise up in defiance of my own first impression of smarminess. Since when is a Chevette effeminate?
People look at me funny regardless. Seems to me that if you're throwing beads on your lace you shouldn't be too intimidated by a little suffix, eh? I believe "kerchief" would be a perfectly appropriate substitution, which kinda sorta sounds like bank robbers and cowboys... until you add the words "beaded" and "lace."

I just knit mine larger and skirted the issue altogether ;-p But even so, the thought that I might knit and wear full shawls is just as (if not more) genderly awkward as the fact that I knit and wear shawlettes. By now I've become much more comfortable with the fact that I'm not the butchest bloke on the block. I used to lose way too much sleep and sanity over the issue.


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Well, I'm going to be honest with you... It's not for me to wear. They're both in fact for 2 of a trio of work mates. I have the yarn all wound for the third, just haven't started it yet. Can't say I'd ever make myself a lace and beaded scarf of any form, but please do remember that shawls for men were at one time very normal. Especially when homes were heated by fire places alone and it was generally cool inside. As for butchness, never worried about it too much myself. I am what I am and am comfortable with it.

And I guess I could always use that other term, neckerchief. That doesn't sound too cowboy and robberish. Unless its a drag queen hold up perhaps.

And not so much a case of the lace, it's a case of the texture. Gotta love texture. Cables, stitch changes, lace... Whatever. I love changing texture... Not so much into color work.

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Oh, I hear you on the heating thing...I get a lot of use out of my shawls. Some I wear as scarf alternatives, and some when I'm freezing in my room. (It's funny to hear myself say that. I remember a time not too long ago when a friend suggested I try knitting shawls, and I couldn't get over what a guy would do with shawls... lace or not.)

On the note of texture, I'm in the process of working up a shawl for myself that relies on mere purl ridges and a rustic (Wyoming!) yarn for textural interest. I'm trying to work myself down from the place of having a lot of brightly-colored-but-perhaps-not-the-most-versatile accessories. I'm hoping this will be a shawl that other people will feel more comfortable with. After all, I'm still gonna wear shawls.

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I'm a little envious of the girls in my office that have lovely shawls they keep at their desk for when the A/C is cranked up too high. They do look very elegant, even when they have a plain sweater underneath. I'd very much like to wear one too, but I don't. I'd rather sit here freezing, worried about getting rheumatism in my hip before long but I have to be macho and not give in. So I suffer. Bah! Humbug!!

I should be allowed to wear a shawl -- or a shawlette -- if I want to!

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Your projects look beautiful! I like the combination of the lace pattern and the variegated yarn in the scarf. I always have such hesitancy about knitting lace with a multicolored fiber. I have some beautiful bulky variegated wool right now in my stash they I'd like to use in a lace patterned blanket. I guess the only way to discover if it will work is to swatch and see.

Your boy is GORGEOUS and what a good model! I just want to kiss his muzzle.

I know what you mean about the nomenclature of the "scawl." I always feel just a bit too precious when using "shawlette." No matter the name, I love wearing them and I love the silver beads you added (which I'm stealing BTW).

The Knitting Mill

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Scawl... I dig it! And feel free to steal away! Anything you see me post, borrow from if you're so inclined.

Yeah, the boy is pretty used to random kisses and hugs just cuz he's cute. But I warn strangers to let him get to know you. He's the typical aloof dane. Once he knows you he 's as patient as can be, but strangers beware! Not that he'd bite before wetting himself mind you but he makes a good show of it.

I liked the Berrocco origami yarn because of the sheen and interspersed colors while still keeping the blue theme through all levels. I was hoping it would give it a Latin textile look. I'm not big into varigates myself. Very picky about the ones I have and I like long color ways in them, not short quick color changes.

I know, picky picky picky.

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These are great looking items, fellas. And the big boy puppy is quite a fellow, also. He seems to be twice as big every time I see him. I have a prayer scarf that I use as a neck scarf and shawl, depending upon the circumstances. I guess it is just a case of being comfortable, odd looks be darned. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.