Hemlock and Old Lace

Hallo, all! Long time, no post from me.

Grad school tends to do that (as well as lack of project focus. I feel like a real knitter now, I have 4 projects all on the needles at once!)

One of the projects I've been working on is Brooklyn Tweed's Hemlock Ring Throw. In fact, I'm at the point of casting off. The problem is, the scalloped edge is really hit-or-miss for me. In some of the pictures on Ravelry it looks fine, in others ... not so much (at least to my personal aesthetic.)

I did find one pic where a gal had done a knit row, purl row, knit row and then bound off, that I sort of liked, but am not totally enamored of.

Has anyone else done this throw and done a different bind-off than the pattern called for?

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The original pattern from 1942 had a crochet bind off (crochet through 3 stitches and then chain 7). You could cast on a few stitches and do a sideways border. The last shawl I did I used Mario's stretchy bind off successfully. I personally don't like to crochet, however, it is the quickest and easiest.

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Love the yarn you have used.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.

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Thanks! I'm quite enamored of it, as well.

It's Cascade Yarns Eco Duo, 70/30 Baby Alpaca and Merino. It is a joy to work with, and the finished blanket is going to be both soft and warm.

I love how the striping in the yarn makes those slightly lighter rows through the fan pattern.

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Hey Matt! Your Hemlock looks awesome and I have to agree with Craig--the yarn is AMAZING! Have you read my notes on the one I made about the bind off? The crocheted instructions in the pattern doesn't mimick the knitting one exactly--which may appeal to you--but I've included the crochet directions to make it do so. I knitted mine, but I'm not horribly fond of it either. A lot depends on how you block them. It could be nice to knit points referencing the center star. If I knit it again, that's what I would probably do. Great job!

The Knitting Mill

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Thanks, Mill. Yarn info in reply to Craig's comment.

No, I hadn't seen your comments, thank you for the link.

I'm not horribly fond of the scalloped edge all together.

I'm almost considering doing the next YO row (i stopped at row 55), then doing a purl row, a knit row, and binding off. Would give the edge a little bit of interest and a) not require learning crochet b) not have the huge knitted loops that I, well, don't want on mine. ;-]

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It's a great pattern and I love the colour of that yarn. Is that the hazelnut or chicory colour?

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It is the Cascade Yarns Eco Duo in colorway 1704. They don't assign a color name to it on their website.

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Oops, sorry Matt, I'm getting very slow. I had to look this up on Bing to find out it's a Doilie, is that correct, and apologies.

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Hey, Sid! Yes, and no to it being a doily.

It was originally a lace doily, that Brooklyn Tweed took and made into a blanket:

Original BT post:http://brooklyntweed.blogspot.com/2007/08/hemlock-ring-blanket.html
Pattern in Pdf: http://theraineysisters.com/?cat=51

It's been a really fun knit, not overly difficult, and I would totally make another one.