Seed Stich decreases...Wedding tie!

Dear friends,

Just thought I'd check in and say hello - and post some recent stuff. A cardigan for my Mum's 70th birthday; a scarf for a friend's 50th; and a wedding tie for me! Me and my partner will be celebrating our civil partnership in 2 weeks (the day after teh royal wedding) After a 9am dash to the registry office, we'll be preparing lunch for our friends. So along with icing a cake or two, I thought I'd knit a tie to wear. Al bought me back some beautiful very fine hand-dyed wool from Orkney - you may remember I was extolling the virtues of North Ronaldsay sea-weed eating, beach-living sheep - so I've started.

Does anyone have any advice about decreasing in seed stitch? I want to avoid a 'stepped' side by k2tog or p2tog at each edge but can' think how to work the decreases any other way. I usually decrease in from the side. I could slip 1/k2tog/psso in the middle but I thought it would show.

Hope everyone's doing well...I'm off to Orkney in June so I'll happily take orders...there's lovely fine north ronaldsay wool in natural greys and browns too.


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What wonderful projects and let me be the first to congratulate you and your partner on your upcoming nuptials!

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Thanks for your good wishes

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Congratulations! And may I say, you already have him well trained. Bringing you yarn. I wish Bob would do that...

As for the tie, I always try to decrease in a manner that leaves a purl left in front. Also, decrease 1 to 2 stitches in from the edge. That will eliminate a stepped look.

Luck and Love fellas

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Ah yes, he is well-trained. And Orkney is a mecca for hand-dyed, hand-spun local wool. I'll be there myself in June so I can take some orders and post to you...
Let me know


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David - Congrats on your wedding! That's so great! Can they just televise that instead of the royal wedding?

Here are some suggestions for your decrease issue.

Knitting Help

Live Journal


Good luck and have a wonderful day - I'll be thinking of you!!



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Thanks Frank - the wool is so hand-spun that I'm not even sure it will notice too much. Have you seen the Royal Wedding pattern book - you can knit an Archbishop of canterbury and a pair of corgis...

Hope life is good with you

David x

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Congratulations on your wedding!
I think decreasing two stitches in from the edge would create a "design line" that would look like a deliberate border..and would be fine. I also think decreasing in the center would look fine. ...almost anything symmetrical will be all right.

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CONGRATULATIONS David!!!! I'm so excited for you! The cardigan and scarf are so lovely. I like the colors of the yarn you're using for the tie. Unfortunately, I don't think I can offer any other advice than which has been stated, but good luck!
The Knitting Mill

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Thanks for your good wishes - I always read your blog!


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Thanks! I'm trying to post more often. Hugs...

The Knitting Mill

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i agree with those that suggest doing the decrease a few stitches in

i'm only angry when i'm NOT knitting

we put birds on things

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Congratulations on your celebrations, have a great party.

Love your projects, and the colours in the cardigan and tie look beautiful.

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MAZEL TOV!! an even more wonderful wedding that Kate & Wills.

lovely, lovely work. the tie yarn is fantastic. i've got no good suggestions, beyond seconding what AKQGuy recommends.

wear that tie in good health on your special day.

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Congratulations, David! All the best to you both!

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Very sincere congratulations and best wishes. Q works a lot with seed stitch so I would definitely go with his advice. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.