New Digs...

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Well I’m moved into the new office, right across the street from Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg IL. I don’t like the new digs because it takes me longer to get to work and longer to get home. It takes time away from my knitting, crocheting and sewing. I was thinking about firing up the sewing machine to make something, a shirt maybe, but not enough time at home to do that. It’s pretty nice that my office space is roomy, a little on the too big side, I was able to do a few rows on a scarf yesterday. I am more hidden this time, no executive walking by to get to the boardroom at this place, so at least I have that, a little hiding spot to work on something I bring with me every day. Ah, a bright spot, I also have a window I can see out of, but being on the 11th floor I see a long way and a lot of sky.
I’m a very slow knitter so OTN still is Mom’s Sophisticated Scarf.